Lonely Planet: “Two Greek places among the top 50 secret European travel locations”

Lonely Planet published a new guide with the best secret places in Europe which includes two destinations in Greece. The guide mentions popular and lesser known locations in Europe that are worth visiting.
Milia settlement in Crete is ranked 12th. Milia is a village built according to the standards of ecotourism. It is located a few kilometers away from Chania, on a slope of Kissamos mountain and has recently been built in a traditional way with respect to the environment and the landscape aesthetics.
The Greek island Ithaca was ranked 28th. The well-known home of Odysseus maintains its scenic landscape. Lush greenery, colourful houses with bright red roofs and turquoise waters create a unique setting for relaxed, ‘secret’ holiday.

Lonely Planet sees Greece as top European destination in 2014
Editors of travel guide Lonely Planet are predicting that Greece will be the top travel destination in Europe this year, as the country shows strong signs of bouncing back from a turbulent few years marked by political instability and anti-austerity protests.
Destinations in the ‘Best in Europe’ top 10 list are chosen for being either ‘under-the-radar,’ generating buzz, or for being perennial favorites with reasons to visit in 2014.
Last year, Greece received a record 20 million visitors, and officials are predicting that 2014 will be another bumper year for tourists-welcome news for residents who are still struggling to find work amid the sluggish economy.
Greece was followed in the list by Slovenia,Southwest England, Italy, Viking Denmark, Seville in Spain, the Outer Hebrides, Plzen in the Czech Republic, Stavanger in Norway and Toulouse, France.


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