Primary surplus amounts to 1.2 billion euros in May 2014

According to the Deputy Minister of Finances Christos Staikouras, the primary surplus of the general government from January to May 2014 cameo to 1.2 billion euros, compared to a 1.6 billion euro deficit a year before.

On a central management level, the primary surplus amounted to 175 million euros compared to a 3.8 billion euro deficit a year before. If outstanding payments are excluded, the primary surplus is increased to 1.6 billion from 415 million euros last year.

Mr. Staikouras noted that the fact that Greece continues to have viable primary surpluses for a second year in a row indicates that the country’s public finances are beginning to stabilize.

State’s outstanding debts reduced to 4.59 billion euros

The State’s outstanding debts reduced to 4.59 billion euros in May, from 4.7 billion euros in April, while the outstanding tax returns increased to 549 million euros, from 531 million euros in April.

The debts of insurance funds increased to 2.946 billion from 2.965 billion euros iν April. EOPΥY’s debts specifically increased to 1.957 billion euros, from 1.946 billion euros in April.

Hospital debts decreased to 810 million euros from 831 million euros in April; the debts of ministries also decreased by 9 million euros for a total of 253 million euros in April.

Meanwhile, the debts of local government came to 461 million euros and the debts of other legal entities dropped to 186 million euros, from 211 million euros in April.