Building houses from mud and moldy cheese

His name is Mario Sommer, he is 63 years old and he lives in Anidri, Paleohora.

After coming for several times in Crete, he bought his own land in 1989, when it was first allowed to foreigners to acquire land in Greece.

The German is specialized in natural building. It builds houses with mud and wood and dairy products such as moldy cheese (which contains the protein casein), ending the coating of walls.

The first building was built with mixed construction some years ago

Within six years Mario Sommer achieved to construct other two buildings with six double rooms, a seminar room, and a “dome” – all built with natural materials.

Mario Sommer was born in 1951 and raised in Berlin. After completing a degree in electrical engineering at Kassel University, he opened a chain of Hifi-Video shops in the Ruhr district. Several visits to Crete convinced him to sell his shares in his business in 1991 and settle on the island, building a house and making ‘Metacom’ a reality.

The purpose of MetaCom

MetaCom is an association founded as a forum for people of different ideas and cultural backgrounds. We are especially interested in having an innovative impact on the future by integrating new ideas into present reality.  We maintain that Utopia is not made just for dreaming, but rather must be translated into ever day life and routine. Once creative powers are released, they can be used to shape the future.

MetaCom’s target audience

MetaCom invites all interested individuals to take part in this exchange of ideas.

People from all fields are invited to discuss the vital issues of our time.

  •     Those with a strong interest in nature and humanity as well as technology.
  •     Those involved in organic farming and who are interested in preserving the diversity of the biosphere.
  •     Those working on current topics in creative fields such as music, crafts, dance, video/film, etc.
  •     Those in search of a universal ethic and spirituality.

MetaCom aims at being a platform for the exchange of ideas, especially in the realms of

  •     ecology, ecological building, alternative energy sources and life cycles;
  •     health, nutrition and preventive medicine;
  •     the creative arts.

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