Major operation to capture “Sifis” the Crocodile

The Development Organization of Crete has placed several traps in order to capture “Sifis” the Cretan crocodile that was found in the area of Rethymno, on the island of Crete last week.

crocEfforts are made to recapture the reptile alive, Rethymno Mayor Giorgis Marinakis has said. A specialist herpetologist arrived on the island to monitor today’s major operation to capture the crocodile.

Petros Liberakis, the herpetologist who is overseeing the operation, has ordered thermal sensors and other traps for use in the capture. Local officials have described the undertaking as “unprecedented and highly sensitive”.

Traps have been placed near the riverbed and the area has been banned from any activity, in order to avoid any move that might upset the crocodile.

For today’s arrest operation specialists are waiting to see how the reptile reacts and to see what must be done, if not caught.

If the Cretan crocodile is caught, it will be transferred to a specialist hospital, in collaboration with the HCMR and the Museum of Natural History. Then it will most probably be transferred to Attica Zoological Park, in the area of Spata, near Athens. / photos by