Cyberkid: New application for “smart” mobile

The new application “Cyberkid”, which allows children, in case of danger or threat to communicate directly with the competent police authorities, was presented by the Director of Cyber Crime, Brigadier Manolis Sfakianakis, with the presence of Minister of Public Order and Protection Citizen, Vasilis Kikilias, and Education, Andreas Loverdos. This application is for smartphones and enables minors to communicate in real time with officers of the Department of Electronic Crime by calling or by sending an e-mail. Receptors, for their part, will manage the risk or threat, which comes through the internet, through of Internet Threat Operations Center (CYBER ALERT), which will be based at the Electronic Crime.

“We expect in the next two months to have this application than 500,000 mobile phone users and by completing one year to reach 3,500,000 users. The development of the special procedure in Greek children through Cyber Alert, isn’t only European, but a global innovation” said Sfakianakis. “We start a very important with the help of the Ministry of Education. The protection of children is our top priority. Child safety on the road, at home, at school, on the internet is nonnegotiable. With this application, we set the service of children, offer them an electronic angel to protect and warn” Kikilias added.

Apart from the “Cyberkid” was presented the initiative of the Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection Division of Cyber Crime and the cooperation of the Ministry of Education concerning the establishment of safe navigation on the Internet as an information action standing in schools. In this context, the start of the new school year specialized officers, once a week will be linked via the internet at the same time, with 50 schools, where they will be presented with a comprehensible system accessible to students for the dangers of the internet, the protection of them and their safety. Finally Loverdos said: “The Ministry of Education has placed on the pilot program 450 schools and will provide 12,000 schools serving this really commendable action envisioned and executed by Sfakianakis. We will be with him and help”.