National Road: Speed cameras are ‘fully operational’

The regional police authority confirmed that the speed cameras on the North National Road have been fully operational ‘for a number of weeks’ Chaniotica Nea reported this week.

The regional prefectural unit of Chania has expressed its deep concern about the operation of the cameras before any road safety improvements were carried out.

Chania deputy governor Voulgarakis in making his case, stressed the lack of safe designated bus stops and the  the unclear confusing speed limit signs some of which are hadly visible because of graffiti or overhanging trees.

As it turns out , the police department referred queries about the legal speed limit back to the regional authorities as it is ‘not their responsibility to set speed limits.

They are set by the technical department of the region’.  So here is a chance for Mr Voulgarakis who has pointed out the drwbacks of the system to do something about it.

With the first several hundred tichets ready to be sent out to motorists who were caught  exceeded the 60 km speed limit Mr Voulgarakis continued to make the case against the existing speed limits.

“BOAK is designated as a national road and national roads have certain national standards  and speed limits. However, BOAK falls below national road specifications, it is not  anational road and its speed limits are not national road speed limits. It can be very confusing for drivers” he said.

He added that the cameras can be the cause of accidents as drivers slow down suddenly and slows down the flow of vehicles causing long queues.  [As in the case on the eastbound section before Suda where  speed limit changes from 80 to 60km 15 (!) meters before the speed camera in a fast and safe section of the road].

“The whole issue needs to be reviewed and reconsidered” Mr Voulgarakis concluded.

And he is the man with the power to do it so lets hope he set down to it. Before angry motorists once again damage  the very expensive equipment paid for with tax payers money.

The fines

  • Up to 20 km over the limit: 40 euro 20 -30 km
  • Over the limit 100 euro and 5 penalty points 30 or more  km
  • Over the limit or for speeds over 130 km the fine is 350 euro and the loss of the drivers licence for two months.

A percentage of the revenue raised by the fines goes to  local government.