Smaragda needs our love!

This marvelous creature with the emerald green eyes was found multi-injured and abandoned in Galatas-Chania-Crete on Saturday night.

She was heavily bleeding and among all other problems her ear drum was destroyed.

The young guys who found her thought she was dead and stopped to place her on the side of the road.

This little lady though was still breathing and was looking at them with these wonderful eyes asking for help, since she was unable to stand on her feet.

Except all her problems Smaragda had a rope so tightly around her neck that she could hardly breathe.

It took more than a quarter of an hour for the couple who found her to release her from it.

We took her at Mr. Saridakis surgery during the night in order to stop the hemorrhage with a lot of effort, because she was unable to move.

Yesterday we had the x-rays and the results were good enough – her life and health are not in immediate danger – but her recovery is expensive enough and time consuming.

Smaragda’s pelvis and left back leg are broken. Two operations will be needed. On top of these she also has pyomitra.

Our little fighter will have to stay still for a long time and we have to find the money for her surgeries and a fostering place till she will be adopted.

We kindly ask whoever can help, even with the smallest amount of money, to communicate with our Association.

Smaragda deserves to run again because she is very young and deserves a second chance.

The Animals Welfare Association of Chania “The Protection of Animals” – Tel. 6986 522 692