“Crete is exceptional in many ways”

In its holiday guide for Crete, the largest Greek island which stands far to the south of the country, Canada Press site focuses on three areas: Makrigialos, Elounda and Neapoli.

The Canadian news site provides information regarding the accommodation, the best restaurants  and the main attractions in these areas and also regarding the prices one should expect to encounter on the island.

According to the guide, “Crete is exceptional in many ways.” However, specific mention is made of the breadth of its history: from the mysterious Minoans with their labyrinthine palaces, through Venetian control, to the daring deeds during the German occupation.

Some of the main attractions of Crete are also highlighted, such as:

– The White Mountains, which soar to over 2,000m in the western part of the island, and offer some spectacular hikes and drives,

-The island of Spinalonga with its atmospheric, winding streets which are now abandoned, but still seem full of history. “The Venetians built a fortress here in 1579 and the island was used as a leper colony in the 20th century. It has inspired artists and writers through the centuries, and was the setting for Victoria Hislop’s novel The Island,” states the article.

-The Lasithi plateau, “a bizarre dinner plate of a landscape surrounded by a lip of high mountains”.

-The Diktaean Cave near the village of Psychro, “the reputed birth place of Zeus, king of the gods, which provides a slightly spooky thrill”.