Meeting in Rethymnon about “Sifis”

Sifis” the crocodile of Rethymnon has not been caught and there must be a change in mode of action to get the desired effect on trapping the croc.

This was discussed in a meeting in the Prefecture of Rethymno.

Local authorities will ask for a special permission from the Ministry of Environment and Regional Managing Authority of Crete Decentralized Administration, in order to catch “Sifis”.

At the same time, all participants in the meeting tried to clarify the roles and responsibilities of each department, because the Ministry of Environment has not intervened as it should, based on our National Law, the Forestry Code and the International Convention CITES, which has been signed by all members of the European Union.

Finally, according to the Director of the Potamon Dam, Mr. Vangelis Mamangakis, there is a daily contact with the famous herpetologist Olivier Behra.

Olivier Behra is now in India, but after August 1st, if requested, he will come to Crete to help catch Sifis.