Couples dream of a wedding under the Greek sun

Hundreds of couples from around the world come to Greece in order to have the wedding of their dreams, as the islands of Santorini, Crete and Rhodes are considered idyllic for a summer marriage ceremony.

Newspaper Kathimerini reports that Greek authorities estimate that 1,100 couples decided to tie the knot in Greece during 2013 and that the same trend has continued during this year as well.

Greek weddings are very popular among the Chinese, the British, Americans, Russians and Indians.

Most couples opt for a wedding in Santorini, Crete or Rhodes but during the past couple of years many decided to go for the unconventional and get married on the islands of Skiathos, Symi, Paros and Mykonos as well.

In the beginning of the summer, 16 young couples got married on the island of Crete and another group wedding has held on Paros.