Let’s vote for Giorgos Karakis in UNESCO’s contest

He came 1st at the “Youth in Action” European contest last April.

He is the 31 year old Giorgos Karakis who participates in a higher level contest, supported by UNESCO.

A summary of George’s idea

“Coop” project introduces an innovative platform that enhances and promotes Innovation and Entrepreneurship worldwide.

Main objectives:

1. To offer the possibility to ANYONE with a would-be business idea, to develop it into a working (business) project.
2. To be able for anyone with a would-be business idea, to build his own team of experts – with no hiring costs – and together work on that specific project.
3. To offer a highly protective environment for would-be business projects to be developed, from any part of the world.
4. To help would-be business projects to be developed at the least possible cost.
5. To help people with any expertise, either employed or unemployed, become part of a project, offer their expertise to that project and finally, all together create a “co-operation” – team – to bring this project to fruition. Thus, promoting self-employment at the same time.
6. To help people improve their skills and expertise on a practical level (even if unemployed), through becoming part of these working groups – projects.

Innovations introduced:

1. To safely share your would-be business idea, through the highly protective environment, processes and social features, “Coop” platform introduces.
2. The “User Credibility Rate” (UCR) index. An index for the credibility of a profile inside “Coop” platform, which is related to how well the true identity of a person – profile is defined.
3. To develop an idea with minimum costs, through initially creating this idea inside “Coop” platform and then finding the people that will work together with you on a co-operation basis, simply by posting the expertise (or other resources) you would be looking for, regarding your project.
4. To practically develop your skills and expertise, by joining a project in any part of the world, receiving additionally in the end a working experience certificate, for taking part in that specific project.

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photo by “Haniotika Nea”