Russian tour operator Labirint announces bankruptcy

As reports, one of the biggest tour operators, Labirint, announced its bankruptcy.

Labirint has brought thousands of tourists in Greece this summer, including Crete and especially in Heraklion.

Hundreds of Russian tourists in Crete were moved in various hotels, waiting for latest news from Moscow.

Some flights of Labirint were also cancelled on Saturday morning, including one in Crete.

  • R2 6931 – Domodedovo-Corfu
  • R2 6413 – Ekaterinburg-Corfu
  • R2 6957 – Ufa-Heraklion
  • R2 6913 – Domodedovo-Santorini
  • R2 6991 – Domodedovo-Zakynthos

“Turpomosch” will use money from the Russian Tourism Fund to help tourists return to Russia.