Russian drunk tourist wandering around in Hersonissos

Another version of… Cretan hospitality experienced the 29 year old Russian, while on vacation with his parents. The young tourist decided to make “La Dolce Vita” in the areas bars, but from consuming too much alcohol he forgot his name.

On Monday morning he was spotted wandering the streets of Hersonissos abashed. Bystanders tried to help him, but no result. The 29-year old mumble some words in Russian, he stumbled, then he fell, got up, did not know which path to follow, or even the name of the hotel where he was staying.

Citizens realized that they couldn’t help so they informed the Police Department. The police officers took him to the station and tried to talk to communicate but again with no result.

The young man was very drunk at the time. So they decided to be the “host” for a few hours. They let him sleep and when he woke up the police found the hotel and looked for his parents. The 29-year old when leaving thanked the officers for the peculiar hospitality, telling them “spasimpa.”