Misleading email spotted by Greek electronic crime unit

The Greek electronic Crime Police unit warns the Internet users of misleading and fraudulent emails.

According to the Police, the messages from unknown senders are trying to deceive the recipients in order to obtain sensitive personal data and money.

Specifically, these email informs recipients that their e-mail has been selected by the global lottery of a well known IT company and they have won a large sum of money.

Then, if the recipient responds, they request its personal information, such as name, address, phone number, bank account number, photocopy of identity.

After receiving the above information, they inform the recipient that in order to receive the amount will have to advance a sum of money, usually of small value, to cover the necessary expenses such as taxes, shipping costs etc.

The electronic Crime team notes that these messages need much attention, since in many cases, in order to persuade the recipients, are using the company’s logo, names of officials, e-mail addresses by name etc. presented extremely lifelike.

The Police advices users which receive such emails not to respond or send any personal data and money.

For such cases, citizens may contact the Department of Electronic Crime in the following contact information:

Telephone number: 2106476464
E-mail to: ccu@cybercrimeunit.gov.gr

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