How to… beat the heat

Medical Association reminds the basic precautionary measures to avoid unpleasant consequences:

1. Avoid sun exposure and stay in shaded and cool places. In case of forced exposure to the sun should be used hat or headgear. The clothing must be preferably of thin, spacious, light, mainly cotton garments.

2. Avoid, where possible, physical fatigue.

3. Must drink cool water or natural juice. Avoid sugary, carbonated drinks.

4. Consume light, lean, salted food, divided into small frequent meals. Avoid alcoholic beverages.

5. Often cool baths, putting cold compresses.

6. Patients under a particular medication treatment and those receiving diuretics, sedatives, antihypertensive, antihistamines, beta blockers, etc. medications must be in constant contact with the physicians in order to obtain the relevant instructions.

7. Also in constant contact with their doctors should be on those who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular, central nervous and respiratory systems, diabetics, kidney patients, alcoholics and people with any kind of heavy diseases.

8. Residents of Athens city center to limit their movements in areas of the center which have highest air pollution and increased traffic.

9. Residents of Athens city center is preferable in the hot hours of the day to remain in home with the windows closed and using fans or air conditioners.

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