15th of August: The hottest day of the year

Friday isthe hottest day as temperatures around the country hit “red”, reaching as high as 41C.

Areas most affected by the heatwave are Macedonia , Thessaly, a large part of the Peloponnese and Eastern Central Greece.

High temperatures are noted in South Crete and eastern Rhodes.

The Health Ministry’s Advice

* avoid going out in the sun
* find a cool and shady place
* wear light-colored and light clothing and have a hat or parasole handy
* avoid hard and tyring physical work
* eat properly and drink lots of water and juices, avoid alcohol and a high-calorie diet
* babies should be given regular showers

High-risk groups

* People aged over 65 should be careful
* People who suffer from chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes, etc. should be careful
* People who take medicine for chronic illness should seek medical advice regarding alterations to their doses during the heatwave