The adventures of Smaragda

Smaragda, a dog that was found with multiple injuries in the area of Galatas, Chania.

She had a fractured pelvis, dislocated leg and pyometra.

She had us mesmerized everyone with her patience and her courage. We asked for your financial support and a lot of you responded.

Today Smaragda with her green eyes and lovely look, can stand on her feet with strength and stubbornness.

She walks normally, goes for walks but can’t run yet.

She was neutered on Monday and there remains only one operation in September to repair her fractured pelvis.

Smaragda in a month will be a perfectly healthy dog and nothing will reminds you of the events that happened.

At the moment she is fostered at the home of a volunteer but we must find a permanent home where she will love and feel security.

We are looking for adoption for our little one. We love her incredibly.

Our Association will fully assume the costs of surgery of Smaragdas so she becomes a joyful and happy doggie.

The Animals Welfare Association of Chania “The protection of Animals” 

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