A letter from our colleagues in “Apogeymatini”

Chania Post would like to thank the daily Greek newspaper Apogeymatini, published in Istanbul, for sending us the following letter.

The daily Greek language newspaper Apoyevmatini, published in Istanbul, is due to close down as a result of financial problems. Founded in 1925, the newspaper intended to revive the Greek language and disseminate news about the Greek Orthodox community.

Following the Turkish Cumhuriyet, Apoyevmatini is the second most senior daily newspaper founded after the Republic of Turkey came into existence.

Given the newspaper’s historical significance, given it’s duty to keep the Greek community informed and involved, given the need to keep the Greek language alive, we decided to give up our 90-year-old office to ensure some more months of publication.

Letting go of the office will help us save money, ensuring Apoyevmatini’s circulation until the end of 2014.

The main reasons we are forced to do this are:

-The Turkish Press Advertisement Agency (Basın İlan Kurumu) does not send public announcements to us, depriving us of important revenue.

-Since 2011, important revenues from Greek sources have ceased to exist.

In order to keep Apoyevmatini going we curtailed as many expenses as possible but it hasn’t been enough. Thus we are now forced to let go of the office, an office in a historical location that has been our shelter for 90 years now.

In parallel with this, we continue to send Apoyevmatini in PDF format to subscribers from all over the world, keeping them informed about the community’s activities and delivering news about important developments in Turkey.

We believe that every new subscriber helps Apoyevmatini not only financially but —most importantly— gives it the necessary moral boost. A yearly subscription costs €100, however given the economic crisis we have decided to let our readers pay according to their financial status. In order to subscribe please contact apo.istanbul@gmail.com

In the meanwhile we will continue our efforts for as long as it takes.

Minas Vasiliadis

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