Crete in high risk of fire, also on Sunday

The Greek General Secretariat of Civil Protection warns that there is a very high risk of fire in various parts of the country.

More specifically, also on Sunday, 17th of Augut, the category of risk is in the range 4 and predicts danger of fire in the area of Chania and in range 3 for the rest of the Crete.

The General Secretariat of Civil Protection asks citizens to avoid actions in the countryside, which may cause fire due to negligence, such as dropping lighted cigarettes, burning dry grass and branches or debris cleaning, the use of machinery spark as saws, welding machines, the use of outdoor grills etc.

Also highlights that during the fire season the burning of grass in the fields is prohibited.In case of fire, citizens are asked to notify immediately the Fire Service on the phone number 199.

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