Joint US-Greek Air Force training in Souda

The US and Greek Air Forces participate in common training exercises in Souda Bay, Crete, August 11-23.

The scenarios involve defending enemy missile defense attacks and carrying out specific missions such as bombing targets and escorting aircrafts through hostile air.

The Greek Air Force’s 115th Combat Wing’s 340th and 343rd Fighter Squadrons participate in the programme along with the US Air Force’s 480th Fighter Squadron.

One of the 480th FS’s primary roles is the suppression of enemy air defenses, or SEAD, Capt. Dustin Cochlin said. The pilots specialize in flying first into combat to neutralize enemy threats to allow a striker time to finish its mission.

Striker, is a generalized term used to indicate the airframe assigned the primary task of the mission. For air-to-surface missions, the striker, in this case, is a Hellenic air force group of F-16 Fighting Falcons equipped to drop bombs.

“Things are always changing around the globe,” said Cochlin. “We never know when our allies will be flying with us, so we train continuously. The world is a volatile place, so it pays to be ready.”

US Air Force/Photo: U.S. Air Force photo – Staff Sgt. Daryl Knee