Cooler weather as north winds have started blowing

The heatwave seems to be over, as north winds have started to blow since early this morning.

After four days of very high temperatures, those that left the city for their holidays, or even just for the August 15 long weekend, will enjoy cooler weather when traveling back home.

Winds are expected to become even stronger in the coming days and temperatures are expected to fall by as much as 8-10 degrees in most parts of the country.

Some clouds are also expected to appear in the sky, especially in the mainland that may even lead to rain falling later this week.

The so-called August winds (meltemia) have started to make their presence.

However winds increase the possibility of fire.

Therefore the General Secretariat of Civil Protection warns citizens to be extra careful, as the prolonged heat and drought is increasing the possibility of fires today, urging them to avoid doing things that are dangerous, such as camping, bbqs etc.

Increased traffic is observed in the two main national highways of the country and therefore police has taken increased traffic measures.

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