“Eftihia Popodakis died because of power cut”

The interruption of oxygen breathing equipment was the main reason to led 56 year old Eftihia Popodakis to her death.

According to “Haniotika Nea” newspaper, that’s the conclusion after a forensic and histological examination, completed these days by coroner Mr. Antonis Papadomanolakis.

Next step is the conclusion of the research of engineers who tested the equipment, to verify that they could no longer work after turning off the power of the PPC.

Eftihia Popodakis died on Wednesday, July 23rd, after a power cut at home, cause of a small debt.

Relatives of the unlucky woman proceeded to a lawsuit against anyone responsible for the death of their mother.

Eftihia Popodakis was suffering from a serious illness which kept her stagnant in bed for 15 years.

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