Thanassis Tsaklas arrives in Chania

The “Flame” of humanity has fortunately not been yet extinguished … remains alive especially when it comes to children who are struggling for their life.

Everyone with his own way is trying to contribute. And he succeeds it … This is why the “Flame” of the Association of Parents of Children with Cancer, is “strong”; and how not to be, when every year people from Greece and abroad are fighting for the future of these little souls…

For example, the athlete Athanasios Tsaklas, who is known by his other philanthropic actions as “The barefoot marathon runner.”

Tsaklas is the man who crossed 15 countries in 30 days with a bike and he organized this year’s event entitled “The Feat of 1,000 miles: From Ormenio to Gavdos by bike” which will take place from 10 till 21 August.

The athlete Tsaklas will not be alone though. They will also participating other athletes who will climb to the summit of Olympus, will run on the standard route of the marathon in Athens and will travel from Cape Malea Peloponnese to the island of Gavdos, in a floating inflatable raft (Shuttle Bike).

The purpose of the “The Feat of 1,000 miles” is to bring a double message: first that childhood cancer can be treated and secondly that we can all help.

FLAME, its hostel and its other actions for the Greek children who became ill. There are plenty of ways for us to help.

The Association “Flame”

Flame was founded in 1982 originally by a few parents of children with cancer and now embraces thousands of families across Greece, with offices and representatives in major cities of the country.

”The Flame” is next to families and strives for the best medical, psychological and social care of children who are ill from cancer, with too many actions. Each year, more than 250,000 children around the world are ill from cancer and it is estimated that about 90,000 of them do not survive.

Only 20% of children who are ill with cancer around the world have access to proper medical care. In our country, as in all advanced countries, the percentages of children who are cured exceed 75%.

In childhood cancer there is no prevention. However, early detection leads to cure for the most children. It should therefore be given special importance: to education and constant updating of health professionals to be able to diagnose the disease early, and to properly informed parents in order to visit timely the pediatric hospitals. This is where “flame” contributes.