High school students in Chania…

Can you imagine the residents of a neighborhood, workers at a large company, students and teachers of a school, designing regeneration of thier ares and planning any intervention?

This idea began to implement by students of 1st High School of Chania, with the valuable assistance of teachers and support by CPD, an interdisciplinary collaborative designing team of public space, buildings and infrastructure.

As part of the school program, students began to deal specifically with the redevelopment of the road and the area in front and around the building of the school.

In collaboration with architects and engineers of the CPD, seminars were organized for students.

Questionnaires were collected with their ideas, while on May 18 students held an occupation” in the street in front of their school, entitled Our street otherwise“.

They played, discussed, sang and made lots of interventions. Turnout was impressive, as well as for the children to see an alternative image of the street they pass daily, often full of worries and anxiety.

The aim of the program is to teach children what is urban planning, what is urban landscape, how to regenerate the needs of users and what is the role of society in the restructuring of the city. We informed them on new design methodologies through concrete examples in order to get them into the design process of roads around the school with simple materials, ephemeral structures, plantings and colors“, said Mrs. Sophia Tsadari, architect of CPD, to Kathimerini” newspaper.

Program will continue on September, calling local community, professionals, organizations and the local authority to support the multifaceted project and facilitate the implementation of its conclusions.

with info from Kathimerini newspaper

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