84.1% of tourists are satisfied from their stay in Greece

Tourists state that they are happy of their Greek holidays. This is apparent after the feedback of 82,900 electronically submitted comments of real visitors who stayed at a weighted sample of 1,060 hotels in the country.

Thus, our country records a high percentage of 84.1% in the general index of satisfaction of tourists during the January-July period of 2014, compared with 81.1% of the corresponding index of competitive foreign destinations. Meanwhile, the ratio of price/quality is also formed at a satisfactory rate of 82.5% compared to 80.5% of the corresponding competing destinations, as derived from the processing of comments of 486.300 questionnaires from aforementioned competing countries.

Indices of more than 80% are considered highly satisfactory internationally, suggestive of a positive experience. Despite this positive picture, however, a slight drop of both indices compared with the same period last year, has taken place during the sudden increase in tourist arrivals to the country but also extremely high occupancies in all accommodating hotels.

The index by ReviewPro is calculated daily for each hotel through analysis of variables associated with posted comments on hundreds of social networking platforms, websites, hotel websites, while it also takes into account not only daily reviews but also historical data from the last 365 days, prioritizing the most recent.