PM Samaras meeting with FM Venizelos

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and Deputy Prime Minister Evangelos Venizelos held a meeting in the morning of Tuesday at the Maximos Mansion, in order to discuss all the pending issues of the Government. Finance Minister, Gikas Hardouvelis attended the meeting.

Tax issues, the pending changes in the Uniform Real Estate Ownership Tax (ENFIA), the non-performing loans, as well as issues concerning the imminent meeting of a Greek high-level delegation with the troika in Paris were among the items in the agenda of the meeting.

“Everything is under control,” Government Vice-President Evangelos Venizelos said at his doorstep statement after his meeting with Samaras.

Asked on Real Estate Ownership Uniform Taxation (ENFIA), Venizelos referred to government announcements and the amendment that will be tabled in parliament. He also noted that issues regarding the tax policy will be examined by the government ahead of the negotiations with the troika in Paris while refused to make any comment on tax reductions.

As for the anti-racism bill, he said that it would be tabled in parliament next week.

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