Two crocodiles in Potamon Dam?

The famous herpetologist Olivier Behra (Discovery Channel), seems to be the last chance to capture Sifis the croc in Potamon Dam in Amari.

Meanwhile, it’s almost certain that there are two crocodiles in the lake, one smaller than the other!

Olivier Behra attended a meeting in the offices of OAK (Organization for Development in Crete) in Rethymnon to discuss the next steps, hoping to catch the reptiles.

According to Mr. Behra, the only effective way to catch the reptiles, seems to be an approach by boat.

First, Olivier Behra will be alone on a boat,  with the accompaniment of a guide.

Using a strong light, he will try to see crocodiles eyes, which sparkle like a cat in the dark. It will be very helpful for the operation that there is no moon.