New Municipal Authority of Heraklion took oath

New Municipal Authority of Heraklion (New Mayor Mr. Vassilis Lambrinos and members of the new Municipal Council) took oath in the morning at the Basilica of Agios Markos.

The ceremony began at 11 am and was attended by all the local authorities of the city.

Key priority for Mr. Lambrinos is everyday life of the citizens.

“We will try to make Heraklion a different and more functional city. I invite all of my colleagues to work hard. I am also asking for the cooperation of the opposition”, said mr. Lambrinos.

“We have done a very important work during over the years, despite the dramatic budget cuts made ​​in the name of Kallikratis”, said the outgoing Mayor Giannis Kourakis.

Mr. Lambrinos undertakes official duties next Monday, September 1.

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