PM Samaras: Unemployment is the most sly and cruel enemy of society

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras characterized unemployment as the most sly and cruel enemy of society, that undermines the dreams of the youth.

Addressing the governing council for employment on Monday, Mr. Samaras underlined that unemployment should be dealt with without delay and reiterated his determination for government action now that the country has entered a recovery process.

“For the first time in 23 quarters the GDP is rising and 770,000 new jobs are expected to have been created by 2020,” Samaras added.

The prime minister called on the members of the governing council of employment to come up with a single proposal to boost employment, which they will present in the next meeting.

On his part, Labour Minister Yiannis Vroutsis proposed the setting up of a “white list”, i.e. a special business register for consistent businesses.

These businesses will have benefits such as less audits and possibly reduced contributions.