Two photos and no further certificates for the issue of a Greek ID card

According to an announcement by the Ministry of Administrative Reform the implementation of the new system will begin in the coming days and in the coming months will be implemented throughout the country. So, from October without any certificates but only two pictures in any local police department someone can issue their new ID card.

That way, the ministry supports that the process of a new ID will take a few minutes instead of days needed until now, which will result saving 200,000 hours less work annually for the municipal employees .

The information necessary for the issuance of identity (surname, first name, father’s name, mother’s name, date of birth, place of birth, municipality population register, family register number, nationality) would be found through the National Integrated Information System for Municipal (OPSED).

In this way, the process of issuing identity cards will be briefly formulated as follows: After the completion of the automatic search and identification of the applicant by the official police authority, automatically configures the application, which includes up to three random questions on full data set are listed in OPSED. The questions are printed and the applicant responds in writing to them.

After signing the application – the officer of the police authority will record in implementing the relevant answers. Then will print the official application, affix the photo and ask the applicant and the witness to sign. The card then will get plasticized and will be delivered to the applicant in a few minutes time.

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