Extension until next September for local employment plans

Extension up to September of 2015 was given to the Local Action Plans for Employment (TOPSA) and Local Action for Social Integration for Vulnerable Groups (TOP-EKO) by the Ministry of Labour with the changes made at the initiative of the Deputy Minister of Labour Mr. Yiannis Plakiotakis.

These changes will unblock programs that benefit 35,000 people. The original deadline was December this year.

It also simplifies and facilitates the management of programs and promoted actions to support the beneficiaries selected.

These changes are also associated with a special program that has been launched by the Employment Agency and promotes employment to 10,000 unemployed from these programs.

Parallel clause shall aim to achieve employment for at least 20% of the beneficiaries of the programs.

According to officials of the Ministry of Labour, the Joint Ministerial Decision has already been forwarded for signature to ministers and is expected in the coming days to be published at the Government Gazette.