Heating oil will be available to poor households at its old price

During his speach at the opening ceremony of the Thessaloniki International Fair, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras presented the roadmap for the future tax cuts planed by the government.

More specifically, he announced that a 2015 budget draft plan will envisage a 30% reduction in a special tax on heating oil, a cut in a solidarity tax charge and also announced plans to raise the number of instalments for paying overdue tax and social contribution debt.

The last 100 days of 2014 will determine the future and the amount of the tax cuts which were announced by Mr. Samaras.

The first relief measure that is also directly applicable is the 30% reduction in a special tax on heating oil. If the 35 cents per liter heating oil allowance which is provided to 580,000 households is taken into account, the final price drops to 77 cents per liter, i.e. approximately the amount paid by these households before the application of the additional taxes.

From October onwards:

– The tax on heating oil will be reduced by 10-13 cents per liter

– The allocation of the heating oil allowance will start (35 cents per liter) but based on criteria that include income, assets and location. The amount of the allowance will be between 210 and 1,050 euros, depending on the location of the residence.