The new ENFIA tax has not yet been submitted

The Finance Minister has not yet settled the ENFIA amendments frustrating the citizens who expected to have received the new ENFIA tax to be paid by now. Although, the government argues that the provision that had to be be submitted to the Parliament last Thursday “is ready”, it seems that it will not be submitted today either.

As a result, it is not possibly to proceed to the new settlement of ENFIA tax based on what the ministry has kept promising for over a month (6 installments and the first installment would be due on September 30). So, citizens who enter the Taxisnet system still see that on September 30 they have to pay a double installment (the one due on Augusts 30 and the one due on September 30), whereas the last installment is in December!

General Secretariat of Public Revenues tries to set new conditions for these who will benefit from a tax discount: in order to achieve a good discount (eg 40% instead of 20% -25% that it was originally planned), stricter property criteria and conditions must be set.