5,000 euros reward for a missing elderly woman

A 77 year old woman disappeared on July 28th from Karteros, Heraklion.

Her husband offers a reward of 5,000 euros to anyone who knows something about his missing wife.

The unfortunate woman suffers from Alzheimer’s and there is an urgent need to take her medication.

A Silver Alert has been published, but there are no informatio, despite some people who claimed that they had seen her wandering and begging in various places of Crete.

If anyone has any information about the 77 year old Paraskevi Xenoktistakis, please call 6956 100777, 6956 885197 and 6977 507192.

Her height is 1.62 m., she has a characteristic scar surgery in her right leg and when she disappeared, she was wearing a dress with flowers.