Amendment on ENFIA property tax assessment tabled in Parliament

The Finance ministry tabled in Parliament an amendment with corrections to the Uniform Real Estate Ownership Tax (ENFIA) late on Tuesday, after having submitted drafts to the parties.

The amendment provides for up to 20 percent tax discount to vacant buildings without electricity and tax reduction for buildings in 4,000 areas beyond town plans, for which last year’s official property assessment prices will be used.

The tax will be paid in six installments; the first will be due end-September this year and the last one end-February 2015.

Also included in changes is a provision for owners under financial difficulties who will be granted a 50 percent discount on the tax, after taking into account the total value of their properties, which must not exceed 85,000 euros for unmarried people, 150,000 euros in couples or single parents with one underage child and 200,000 euros for couples or single parents with two underage children or more.

Further provisions in the amendment excuse from the tax owners with properties on the Ionian island of Kefalonia, and in the Fthiotida and Fokida prefectures, for 2014, the year of destructive earthquakes.

Also excused from ENFIA taxation are buildings which have been termed historic and protected or works of art.