Is “Sifis” the croc… a girl? Experts found a place for the reptile?

Although “Sifis” has reached the traps several times, it seems like he is very selective!

All traps have been replaced by floating traps and new bait, but “Sifis”… has learned to eat the living ducks of the lake and does not care about dead chicken.

But, is “Sifis” a boy or a girl?

Experts are not sure of the sex of the reptile, as Olivier Behra told them that it is 1.70 long, it is coming from Nile, Egypt and it is 4 years old, but big enough because it eats too much and seems like a 7 years old crocodile.

Meanwhile, the managing director of transportation and hydraulic works of OAK, Mr. Vangelis Mamangakis, has found a place for the crocodile to stay. It is located beside the point that “Sifis” was first identified and outside the pond of the dam.

One acre is enough for the “new home” of the crocodile, but also to create the necessary walkways and parking areas for cars and buses, for those who wish to have a closer look of the reptile, that has already become a tourist attraction” according to Ryanair!

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