Greek traders complain rising tourism didn’t benefit industry

Shop owners and traders in Greece did not get the chance to reap the benefits of this year’s tourism increase, a report compiled by the National Confederation of Hellenic Commerce shows.

Data reveals that even though the tourism industry revenues have been increasing since the second trimester of 2013, the commerce sector continues to report losses.

The losses were smaller during the summer but the thousands of tourists that visited Greece did not help the industry recover.

The report says that there are four reasons why Greek shops and restaurants did not benefit substantially from the tourist rise.

The popularity of “all inclusive” vacation packages is one of the most important, as tourists do not need to leave their hotels to eat or shop.

Furthermore, news agencies from around the world have created the illusion that Greece is “dead cheap” and that they will be able to shop in very low prices.

This notion combined with the fact that most tourists that visited Greece this year come from lower social classes also attributed to the limited spending.

Lastly, the report stresses that the reduced number of Greek tourists also impacted the industry.