Financial controversy in the Municipality of Heraklion

Financial controversy in the municipality of Heraklion between current and former deputy mayors of finance for past debts of the municipality and a memory stick with information.

The deputy mayor of finance Mr. Karantinos George accused previous deputy mayor, because he was not informed of debts of the municipality to the Development Agency of Crete (OAK) amounting a total of 702,000 euros.

This debt is from 2004 and refers to studies for redevelopment areas, like Mahis Kritis and Karavolas, as well as projects in the Municipal District of Temenos.

“It is lack of awareness and respect for the new municipal auhtority to be informed by an official document of the Development Agency of Crete, which was sent on 09.10.2014, for a debt of 2004, amounting 700,000 euros”, said Mr. Karantinos.

The response from former deputy mayor of finance, Mr. Dimitris Agapakis was immediate.

“It is unethical and immoral to say such things”, noted Mr. Agapakis, adding that “the debts to OAK would have been settled if there were no technical difficulties due to legal obstacles”.

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