Greek President unimpressed by Greek Embassy in Berlin

Greek President Karolos Papoulias visited Berlin on Thursday following an invitation by German President Joachim Gauck. He was disappointed by the long delays in the construction of the Greek embassy in Berlin and called it a “saga”, expressing disappointment over its overdue completion.

The building is being erected on a plot of land owned by the Greek government. The Greek embassy was housed in the same area prior to World War II. The project, started in 2010, was scheduled for completion by April 2012 and was to house both embassy and consulate officials as well as an ambassadorial residence.

He likened the building to the construction of the stone bridge at Arta in Greece that legend has required a human sacrifice in order to finally be finished. Furthermore, he asked for the people who were responsible for the years-long delay to be held accountable and said that “it should have already finished. Once again, I leave entirely disappointed by our embassy under construction in Berlin.”

Papoulias is attending an event being held by Gauck to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Bellevue scholarships at the Robert Bosch Foundation on Friday. The Bellevue scholarships provide young executives with foreign experience by giving them 12-month internships in partner countries.

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