Stavros Niarhos foundation donates 500,000 $ to fight Ebola

The Greek foundation Stavros Niarhos in its announcement stated that made a donation of 500.000 dollars to the “doctors without borders” organization as a hand in need to fight the epidemic virus of Ebola, from which thousands of people have already lost their lives in west Africa.

According to foundations announcement: ” The donation was made to the “doctors without borders” organization, in order to offer general help comforting the increasing challenges and hardship that doctors have to deal with in the struggle against this devastating pandemic. Moreover, part of the donation will be given for the support of the refuge support center in Ethiopia, which are hosting refuges from Sudan”.

Stavros Niarchos Foundation during its 18 years of activity has provided a total of 60 donations of emergency aid to help in the increased demand of emergencies around the world. For example, among others, the Foundation provided an emergency donation supporting the relief and recovery efforts from the devastating floods in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, provided support to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, endorsed an extraordinary donation following the devastating earthquake that hit Kefalonia and supported the relief efforts in areas of New York which suffered the greatest damage from Tyfona Sandy.

The news of the donation by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation was broadcasted several foreign news media.