ENFIA: 6.1 million statements on Taxisnet by Tuesday

The first amended single property tax (ENFIA) statements are ready for property owners to download on Taxisnet and will be complete for a total of 6.1 million property owners by Tuesday.

The changed ENFIA calculations follow almost two month of controversy after homeowners noticed that they had been severely overtaxed when the first amounts were released on July 30.

Real estate owners can find out if they are entitled to ENFIA reductions by logging to Taxisnet on www.gsis.gr and entering their personal codes. The new payments will be made by taxpayers in six rather than five installments with the first one due by September 30. The final installments are due on February 27, 2015.

It is estimated that 700,000 taxpayers of ENFIA are entitled to further tax abatements.


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