Greece To Promote Cultural Heritage Through “Thematic Destinations”

The Greek Tourism Ministry is planning to enrich and improve the country’s tourism offer through the promotion of “thematic destinations.”

According to a recent announcement, Greece’s “thematic destinations” will focus on the country’s cultural heritage, natural beauty and monuments.

The necessary actions to support such destinations were discussed during a recent meeting between Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni and Stavros Benos, the president of non-governmental and non-profit organization Diazoma*.

During the meeting, Mrs. Kefalogianni said that the promotion of a Greek monument and of the country’s cultural heritage is not a technical issue and that it requires a comprehensive action plan based on public-private partnerships and the cooperation of local communities.

A program involving Greece’s “thematic destinations” is expected to launch by the Ministries of Tourism, Development, Culture and Environment. Greek regions will also have an active role in the program.

*Diazoma is a citizens’ platform, which, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, tries to put the love for monuments and cultural heritage of Greece into practice.