Greek Man Takes Gold Coins to The Grave!!!

There is a Greek expression that “you cannot take money with you when you die.” It usually refers to those who are very stingy in sharing their money with their loved ones when they are getting old.
There is a case, however, where an old Greek man did not follow this rule and took his gold coins with him to his grave.

It all happened a few days ago, in a village located in the boundaries of Achaia and Ilia prefecture in the Peloponnese, Greece. When a family had to remove the body of an old man from his grave, it came about an unprecedented sight.

Besides the old man’s bones, who had passed away five years ago, his family found gold coins. Apparently, the deceased had swallowed the coins before dying and they were in his stomach when he was buried. The family’s rather sad event of unburying their loved grandfather was followed by astonishment and wealth.

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