The 46 year old fan of Ethnikos is in critical condition

The 46 year old fan of Ethnikos, who was taken to the Venizelion Hospital yesterday, after violence in a Football League 2 match between Irodotos and Ethnikos in Heraklion, is still in critical condition and he was taken to Athens with a C-130 of the Hellenic Air Force.

Doctors at Venizelion Hospital found out that he has a large brain aneurysm, although a CT scan will show if it is an aneurysm or a brain stroke.

“My son came to Crete to enjoy the game of his favorite team. The Authorities have to do something with the violence and hooliganism”, said the father of Costas Katsoulis.

“A man dies and you care only for Alikarnassos”, mentioned the brother of the 46 year old fan to some residents of the area, who told to the mass media that they don’t know who started the fight in Irodotos’s stadium.

Both Ethnikos and Irodotos published official press releases about the violent incident.

Police has arrested three men (aged 27, 22, 24) and is looking for a 32 year old. All of them will brought to the District Attorney’s Office.

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