VIDEO: The tragic moment when the fan of Ethnikos lies down unconscious

The 46 year old fan of Ethnikos, Costas Katsoulis, who was seriously injured on Sunday at Alikarnassos stadium (see here), is still hospitalized in critical condition in 401 Military Hospital of Athens.

Doctors in Athens proceeded to an angiography to the unforunate fan and concluded that coma was not caused by an aneurysm, but from a strong hit on his head, which caused a serious injury and continous bleeding.

An eye witness fan, named Costas Kervis, who recorded the following video, refers to a hit on the back of the head of Costas Katsoulis, with a brass knuckles.

Watch the tragic moments in Alikaranassos and what the mother and the wife of Costas Katsoulis have to say about the violent incident.