Health status of the 2 year old girl from Syria is improving

The story of the two-year old girl who survived the shipwreck in international waters southwest of Crete and is hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit of University General Hospital of Heraklion with symptoms of acute dehydration, has shocked everyone.

Ordinary people and all medical and nursing staff of the hospital express their love and warmth.

A doctor of the University General Hospital and members of the Board have expressed their intention to adopt the girl.

According to reports, people from all around Greece, are interested in adoption and foster care of the girl.

The 2 year old girl from Syria lost both her parents in the same shipwreck.

A 19 year old girl, who was wearing a lifejacket, saved the little girl.

Doctors were able to stabilize the state of health and the 2 year old girl has now surpassed the danger, but she will remain in the ICU.