VIDEO: Aegean, Ionian and Cretan Sea… the “cemetery” of warplanes

A historic treasure lies down at the bottom of the sea around Crete, but also in Aegean and Ionian sea.

Warplanes from World War II have been found almost everywhere in Greek sea.

A group of scientists and researchers created a unique web site (, with stunning photos and videos.

What has been found so far:

Junkers – Ju52, Kea
Junkers – Ju52, Faliro
Junkers – Ju52, Leros
Junkers – Ju52, Kos
Junkers – Ju87 “STUKA”, Antikira
Junkers – Ju88, Gulf of Patras
Junkers – Ju88, Psathoura, Sporades
Messerschmitt – Bf109, Souda, Crete
Messerschmitt – Bf109, Maleme, Crete
Messerschmitt – Bf109, Heraklion, Crete
Arado – Ar196, Iraklia
Savoia Marchetti – SM79, Poros
Bristol Beaufighter, Limeni, Lakonia
Bristol Beaufighter, Ithaca
Bristol Beaufighter, Naxos
Bristol Beaufighter, Sitia, Crete
Bristol Beaufighter, Kardamili, Messinia
Bristol Beaufighter, Fiscardo, Kefallonia
Vickers Wellington, Sifnos
Β-24 Liberator, Corfu

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