Star Pride cruise ship in Souda

Star Pride cruise ship of Windstar Cruises arrived in Souda at 8 a.m., carrying 201 passengers and 151 crew members.

The ship came from Santorini and its next stop will be Monemvasia.

Star Pride is one of three German built cruise ships, was built for Seabourn Cruise Line as Seabourn Pride and now operated for Windstar Cruises and was the first of her class.

Seabourn Pride set out on her maiden voyage in November, 1988 as Seabourn Pride, after being christened by Shirley Temple Black.

She is identical to her sister ships Seabourn Legend and Seabourn Spirit, the latter gaining attention when her sister, Seabourn Spirit was attacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia, in November 2005. Like her sister ships, Seabourn Pride is fitted with a Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), designed as a non-lethal method to fend off attackers. During 2005, she was refurbished along with the other two vessels in Seabourn Cruise Line, to keep up with the luxurious image of the Seabourn cruises.

In 2006, a article declared Seabourn Pride’s New Year cruise as the most expensive in the category.

In 2013 Windstar Cruises announced that Seabourn Pride would be renamed Star Pride. The ship’s former owner, Seabourn Cruise Line was her operator until the transfer was completed in May, 2014. She departed the Seabourn fleet on March 30, 2014 and entered service for Windstar Cruises on May 5, 2014.