No ambulance and doctor in Elafonissi!

According to a report by “Haniotika Nea” newspaper, a 32 year old British tourist taken by car to General Hospital of Chania, because there was no way to be transferred by ambulance to the local Health Centers of Kandanos or Kissamos, due to lack of doctors and drivers.

The incident occured at 3.30 p.m. on Tuesday, in front of the canteen at Elafonissi.

The 32 year old British was there with his wife and another couple.

He felt pain on his chest, he couldn’ t breath and he collapsed.

The lifeguard was informed and by counting the tourist’s pulses, said to his wife that he had tachycardia.

They called 166, but there was no ambulance available in Kandanos or Kissamos.

So, hiw wife took their car and went to the General Hospital of Chania, where the 32 year old British tourist is hospitalized.