Employees of Viva Island answer to the owner company

All workers and employees of Viva Group (Viva Island, Viva Stalis and Viva Apartments) published an official press statement, mentioning that they are not paid by the owner company (see here and here):

“Workers at Viva Island, Viva Stalis and Viva Apartments decided to protest on Thursday, September 25, in order to assert our accrued, unpaid overtime and benefits, that are entitled under the contract we have signed with Viva Group.

We faced a kind ofterrorism” against us by our employers.

They never discussed the problem with us, meanwhile they threaten and frighten us not to give the money we have worked for.

This is a known practice of employers, as they owe money even from last season and this year threatened many of us with layoffs when we demanded our money.

The owner company lies when says that we have been paid to the last euro!

Even dismissals were invoked before the period provided without any compensation.

No terrorism threats no employer! We do not step back, we will continue our fight against those tactics until we get what we deserve”.